A Anime tv series base on the psx game by namco bandai,Did you guys think Rango Lango was the easiest boss to fight against on Klonoa: Door to Phantomile which Joker made it oddly mention where his weak point was right before the fight even started right?The game is set in Phantomile, a land fueled by dreams people have at night. A furry anthropomorphic animal named Klonoa has been having dreams about an airship crashing into a nearby mountain, and one day an airship does indeed crash into the mountain. Klonoa and his friend, a "ring spirit" named Huepow, decide to investigate. They find a dark spirit named Ghadius on the mountain searching for a magical moon pendant so he can turn Phantomile into a world of nightmares. Klonoa ventures back to town where his grandfather tells him that his grandmother knows about the pendant.

Klonoa and Huepow travel to find his grandmother, who tells them that the pendant is at his grandfather's house. One of Ghadius' henchmen eavesdrops on the conversation, and ventures off to steal the pendant and kill his grandfather before Klonoa can arrive back. Klonoa eventually defeats Ghadius who unleashes a nightmarish beast known as Nahatomb as he dies. Huepow reveals himself to be a prince and helps Klonoa defeat Nahatomb and restore peace to Phantomile. After this final battle, Huepow explains that Klonoa actually came from another world and was given fake memories when summoned to Phantomile. Klonoa is then sucked through a portal back to his own world.