Juusenshi Gulkeeva (獣戦士ガルキーバ Juu Senshi Garukiba), known as Wild Knights Gulkeeva and Beast Warriors Gulkeeva, is an anime television series that debuted in 1995. It is an animated adaptation of a manga that initially was serialized in the Shōnen Sunday Super.The story takes place in a world known as Earthside, which exists along with three other inhabited worlds, Nosfertia, Heavenstia, and Eternalia. When beings known as Darknoids descended from Nosfertia and began their assault on Earthside, Heavenstia sent 3 Animanoids (beast-humans) to prevent an invasion. Meanwhile, the protagonist, Touya, who believed himself to be a human discovered that he was actually a being of Eternalia. With this in mind, Touya fights beside the Animanoids to defend Earthside.Shinjou Touya
Voiced by: Tetsuya Iwanaga
An ordinary teenager who is told by his parents that he is a being who hails from the world of Eternaylia[1] and the reincarnation of a legendary knight known as Radias.[2] He must now fight along his beast guardians in order to protect Japan from siege.
Voiced by: Kazuya Ichijou
Greyfus is a wolf.
Voiced by: Kenichi Sakaguchi
Beakwood is an eagle.
Voiced by: Naoki Makishima
Garriel is a gorilla.
Kira Kongou
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kitazawa
Konoha Maihara
Voiced by: Michiko Neya