an animated preschool fantasy television series created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull, the creators of Bubble Guppies,[1] ordered by Nickelodeon. The series follows Butterbean, a fairy who runs a neighborhood café with her friends. The series involves "creative cooking, a farm-to-table philosophy, and a social-emotional curriculum that focuses on leadership skills". A total of 40 episodes have been ordered.[2][3] The series premiered on November 12, 2018.Butterbean's Café is set in the magical land of Puddlebrook and follows its title character, Butterbean, a young fairy who opens up and works in her own café, with the help of sister Cricket and friends Poppy, Dazzle, and Jasper. The patrons of the café consists of anthropomorphic chipmunks and rabbits. Next to the café is grumpy Ms. Marmalady, who plots to put Butterbean out of business, only to fail every time.Butterbean (voiced by Margaret Ying Drake), a fairy who opens and works at her own café.
Cricket (voiced by Gabriella Pizzolo[5]), Butterbean's younger sister.
Poppy (voiced by Kirrilee Berger[6]), Butterbean's bespectacled friend who runs the kitchen.
Dazzle (voiced by Olivia Grace Manning), Butterbean's friend who runs the café's front counter and cash register.
Jasper (voiced by Koda Gursoy), the delivery boy who supplies the café with fresh ingredients.
Ms. Marmalady (voiced by Alysia Reiner), an older fairy who owns a rival café, and is jealous of Butterbean and wants to put hers out of business. Although, she might have a change of heart in The Sugar Plum Fairy, and it is unknown if she’ll ever make a comeback in any of the episodes.
Spork and Spatch, Ms. Marmalady's monkey employees.