This happy-go-lucky hippo has a talent for turning the world into a silly fun-filled playground. Whether he's chasing rainbows, counting the stars or going spelunking, he's always got a surprise up his sleeve. And if MumbleBumble can't find what he's looking for, he simply invents it. After all, pretending can be way more fun than the real thing!

MumbleBumble stars three friends: MumbleBumble, the fun-loving and imaginative blue hippopotamus; Chic'o, an inquisitive chicken; and Greens, a busy frog who can't help leaping before he looks. From MumbleBumble's windmill at the edge of the deep blue lake, the curious trio set out to find the answers to life's questions. Why is the sky so blue? Where does the moon go in the daytime? How can you make your own rainbow?

With true child logic, MumbleBumble and his friends turn the natural world into a practical and silly fun-filled laboratory for their imagination. Their bursts of boundless inspiration can stem from rain and sunshine, leaves and flowers. Starting with simple tools and props, they turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! With a flashlight and a strainer, the three friends create a night sky with hundreds of twinkling stars. With a little imagination, a cardboard box becomes an amazing television set where they're the stars of their own hit show.

MumbleBumble's windmill is full of treasures and if they can't find what they're looking for, the three friends simply invent it. In MumbleBumble's carefree universe, mistakes are appreciated almost as much as good ideas. Serendipitous and spontaneous, forever following their creative impulses and unbelievably patient with each other, MumbleBumble, Greens and Chic'o are wonderful company for young children and adults alike.