Golf Channel on NBC (known as PGA Tour on NBC from 1954 to 2011) is the branding used for broadcasts of golf tournaments produced by NBC Sports in conjunction with Golf Channel, on the NBC television network in the United States. The network's coverage focuses mostly on the PGA Tour (NBC shares the broadcast rights for weekend rounds with CBS Sports), but also includes other major events such as the Ryder Cup, and tournaments from other tours to which NBC Sports Group holds the television rights. Coverage also includes coverage of the LPGA.

While originally using generic branding based on the event or tour (such as The PGA Tour on NBC), after NBC's parent company NBC Universal was acquired by Comcast – owner of Golf Channel (which serves as the current cable partner of the PGA Tour) – in February 2011, the channel's operations were merged directly into NBC Sports; subsequently, golf telecasts on NBC were rebranded under the Golf Channel on NBC banner. In a similar fashion to ESPN's co-branding of sporting events broadcast by ABC since September 2006, the production of NBC's golf telecasts have since been brought in line with that of Golf Channel.