Press Your Luck was a CBS game show where contestants tried to win money and various prizes by avoiding the evil Whammy that would take all their winnings away or even kick the contestants out of the game. The object was for three contestants to answer multiple choice questions. Host Peter Tomarken asks the 4 questions per round. The player then buzzes in for an answer. Then Peter gives three answers, then the other two players guess. The player that buzzed in with a correct answer earns 3 spins while the other 2 who answered correctly earn 1 spin per question. Afterwards, the contestants go on to face the big board consisting of 18 squares surrounding the PYL logo. Each player tries to stop the flashing lights by pressing the red button in front. The player might stop at a dollar value (some with a bonus spin), or a prize worth various dollar amounts. If a player stops at a whammy space, he or she loses the money he or she has racked up. Each time, an animated Whammy character would be seen in front of the contestant acting in many different ways. Each stop at a whammy causes a whammy card to pop up. If a contestant has 4 whammies, he or she is out of the game. In the history of the show, an ice cream truck driver named Michael Larson has gained fame racking up over $100,000. This was from Larson studying the board pattern when taping the show. Unfortunately, Larson died in 1999 of throat cancer. As of April 2002, GSN would revive Press Your Luck under the name "Whammy, the all new Press Your Luck" hosted by Todd Newton. The gameplay would remain like the original PYL, but the set is more futuristic, and the Whammy character is CGI animated. Sadly, Peter Tomarken was killed in 2006 in a plane crash along with his wife. In 2019 ABC revived the show with its original format as hosted by Elizabeth Banks.