The anime adaptation of the light novel was produced by Studio Hibari began airing in April 2006 for the Spring TV season and ended with a total of 13 episodes., lit.: "Gargoyle of Yoshinaga House") is a Japanese light novel series written by Sennendou Taguchi, following Kazumi Yoshinaga and his normal junior high school life with younger sister Futaba Yoshinaga, who, in a lottery, won a prize of a wolf-like gargoyle nicknamed "Gar-kun".Episode list Edit
# Episode Title Original air date
01 "The Yoshinaga's Stone"
"Yoshinaga-san chi no ishikkoro" (吉永さん家の石ッころ) April 4, 2006
A Month after Futaba obtained him, Gar-kun is gaining a bad reputation. Gar-kun assists the police and Avery, the guide dog, to capture criminals.
02 "Clash! Angel and Devil"
"Gekitotsu! Tenshi to akuma" (激突!天使と悪魔) April 11, 2006
Futaba is lured to the Higashimiya mansion.
03 "Stolen Girl"
"Nusumareta Shōjo" (盗まれた少女) April 18, 2006
Kaito Hyakushiki appears and rescues Lili from her father.
04 "The Heart That Doesn't Show in the Mirror"
"Kagami ni utsuranai kokoro" (鏡に映らない心) April 25, 2006
The battles between many for both Lili and the Philosopher's Stone continue.
05 "The Singing Voice of the Mountain"
"Yama no utagoe" (山の歌声) May 2, 2006
Iyo gives Futaba a helmet which has the ability to allow her to communicate with plants.
06 "I Cannot Hear Your Song Anymore"
"Mou kimi no uta wa kikoenai" (もう君の歌は聞こえない) May 9, 2006
The Osiris appears.
07 "Lovely Lily And The Headless Dullahan" (梨々恋しや首なしデュラハン) May 16, 2006
Dullahan breaks out of the Hamilton research facility and goes after Lily who is home alone.
08 "Gargoyle of the Silver Snow" (銀雪のガーゴイル !) May 23, 2006
Gar-kun is given a new ability.
09 "Phantom Thief Lily"
"Kaitou Lily" (怪盗梨々) May 30, 2006
Lily and Dullahan take over for Hyakushiki who is ill.
10 "Shopping District Rhapsody" (商店街狂想曲) June 6, 2006
Gar-kun and his friends help rectify the shopping district merchants' declining popularity due to a large department store opening nearby.
11 "The Re