a children's television show that teaches principles from the Bible; through songs and everyday situations. The main character is Colby, an anthropomorphic computer that teaches children Christian principles and lessons. Colby has the entire Bible programmed into his memory.[1][2][3] The show was written and produced by Peter and Hanneke Jacobs and was originally aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network,[4] with Peter playing the part of Colby. It originally aired from 1984 to 2000 with several changes of cast members. The first episode aired on March 12, 1984. It was last aired in April 2000. On December 30, 2006, the show was removed from TBN, although it remains on the network's Smile of a Child digital subchannel. Two records were produced, as were several videos.Season 1 Edit
1 "A Heart to Give pt. 1" (Guest star Lee Durlach as Flip and Dan Kotoff as Flop)
2 "A Heart to Give pt. 2" (Guest star Lee Durlach as Flip and Dan Kotoff as Flop)
3 "Vandella Virus Visits" (Guest star Kim Durlach (Brittany's mom; drama consultant along with husband Lee is producer) as Vandella Virus)
4 "It's Almost Christmas"
5 "Check Your Connection" (Guest star Ernie Rettino as Psalty the Singing Songbook and Debby Kerner Rettino as Psaltina)
6 "The Ballgame"
7 "Willing for Forgiveness"
8 "Showing Up"
9 "Colby's Birthday"
10 "Danielle Discovers" (Guest star Emily Carroll as Emily Davis and Lynette Kincebach as Teacher)
11 "Helping Beau's Grandpa" (Guest star John Gallagher as Beau's Grandpa)
12 "50's and 60's Day pt. 1"
13 "50's and 60's Day pt. 2"
14 "Danielle's New Clothes"
15 "It was Performed By Being a Kid"
16 "Clubhouse Inspector"
Season 2 Edit
17 "Anorexia"
18 "Zane's Operation"
19 "Sing Along Show pt. 1"
20 "Sing Along Show pt. 2"
21 "Thanksgiving Show"
22 "Brett's Older Brother"
23 "The Guys Performing A Rock Band pt. 1"
24 "The Guys Performing A Rock Band pt. 2"
25 "Puppet Show"
26 "A Friendship Clubhouse"
Season 3 Edit
27 "Jessica Had To Move Away"
28 "Homeless Vet"
29 "Crystal