a live-action television drama series,[2] an anime television series,[1] and an anime film sequel to the television series.[1] The title translates roughly as Sunlight All Around!The story focuses on the relationships of Kasumi Kishimoto, a high school student. When she enters Myōjō High School, she moves into her aunt's boarding house, where four boys attending the high school are tenants. Despite her steadfast determination to stay loyal to her boyfriend, who is studying abroad, Kasumi finds herself slowly falling in love with one of the boarders, Yūsaku. Characters Edit
Kasumi Kishimoto (岸本 かすみ Kishimoto Kasumi)
Voiced by (anime): Yumi Morio, Played by (live): Sayaka Itō
The main character, and student at Myōjō High School. Because her parents live over an hour away, she decides to stay with her aunt Chigusa who, unbeknownst to Kasumi, has turned her home into a boarding house for four male students at the same high school. After Yūsaku walks in on Kasumi while she takes a bath, she is troubled because she wants to remain faithful to Katsuhiko, her boyfriend. The progress of Kasumi's feelings toward Yūsaku is the central story of the series.
Yūsaku Takasugi (高杉 勇作 Takasugi Yūsaku)
Voiced by (anime): Yūji Mitsuya, Played by (live): Takayuki Takemoto
Tenant in room #3 at Hidamari Private Boarding House. He is in the same class as Kasumi and a member of the ōendan, or cheering squad. He gets inspired by people who work hard at something, whether or not they are victorious, and likes to support them. Yūsaku eventually joins the Myōjō High School baseball team, playing center fielder, despite not knowing how to play the game. He has a cat, Taisuke, which he finds in a box at the side of the road.
Takashi Ariyama (有山 高志 Ariyama Takashi)
Voiced by (anime): Kobuhei Hayashiya
Tenant in room #2 at Hidamari Private Boarding House. He is the goalkeeper for the soccer team until Yūsaku convinces him to join the baseball team as its catcher, so that Masato can throw at his ful