a Japanese anime series produced by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., based on Konami's popular Tokimeki Memorial dating simulation series, specifically Tokimeki Memorial Online. It premiered October 3, 2006 across Japan on TV Tokyo. The anime series ended its run on March 27, 2007 with 25 episodes. The DVD release includes an additional episode (occurring between episodes 17 and 18) and a special compilation episode for a total of 27 episodes.The anime main line story revolves around a second year high school student, Riku Aoba, who has just recently transferred to Holy Cross High School, where he notices, upon joining, several unique and funny occurrences, often being the target of a series of events and races administered by the student council and its fun-seeking president.

While at the academy, Riku meets the original Tokimeki Memorial Online characters and the story begins. Characters Edit
Riku Aoba (青葉陸 Aoba Riku)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano[1]
A second-year student at class 2-A and Sayuri's classmate. Before transferring to Tsugumi, Riku used to live in a snowy harbour in the northeast of Hokkaido. He is often a target of a series of bizarre events and races administered by the school council. Tsukasa, Sayuri, and Mina compete for his affections.
Sayuri Amamiya (天宮小百合 Amamiya Sayuri)
Voiced by: Yuki Makishima[1]
A second-year student at class 2-A. Graceful and intelligent, Sayuri is an extremely popular girl at school, and is talented in academics and sports (and surprisingly video games) , often being the subject of admiration from several of the school's male students. Numerous legends have been told of the greatness of her actions in the past year. She falls deeply in love with Riku after noticing he treats her like he treats everyone and she can be herself around him, though she has been hiding her true feelings from everyone's knowledge, including Riku's.
Tsukasa Kasuga (春日つかさ Kasuga Tsukasa)
Voiced by: Yukako Yoshikawa[1]
A second-year student at c