Aidoru Taimu Puripara) is a Japanese anime by DongWoo A&E. It is the second animation adaption of the PriPara arcade well as the sequel series to the PriPara TV series. It began airing from April 4, 2017 to March 27, 2018. It was followed by Kiratto Pri Chan on April 8, 2018.Yui Yumekawa is a sixth grader in Avocado Academy, who daydreams a lot and wishes to become an idol, despite her school forbidding PriPara for students. After receiving her PriTicket, she finds out a new PriPara is opening, and Laala Manaka, the Divine Idol from the previous series, is in town, who also is her roommate in Avocado Academy, having been sent there to continue her Divine Idol duties. However, Yui does not believe it, as a fold in Laala's PriTicket causes a system bug, leaving Laala unable to carry out PriPara change, and it is only after seeing Laala's idol form in the former's first performance in Paparajuku that Yui is finally convinced. The upcoming Idol Time Grand Prix is also announced, however, with a lack of visitors, both the competition and the Paparajuku PriPara would be shut down, and so would Laala's job as a Divine Idol. And so, it is up to Laala and Yui to keep a flow of visitors to Paparajuku PriPara, as a number of characters from the original series turn up to help.For characters that have debuted in the original series, please refer to PriPara's characters.

Playable Characters Edit
Yui Yumekawa (夢川 ゆい Yumekawa Yui)
Voiced by: Arisa Date
Yui is a sixth grader in Class A at Avocado Academy. She has a habit of dreaming a lot and carries around Cooky, a rice cooker, as she spaces out in-between meals. She has short blonde hair in partly pigtails with a blue bow, while in PriPara, she is taller, her hair is longer, she gains a pink bow, her pigtails are straighter, and her eyes gain a star marking. A Lovely-type idol, her theme color is pastel pink and uses her self-created brand, Fantasy Time.

Nino Nijiiro (虹色 にの Nijiiro Nino)
Voiced by: Yō Taic