a Canadian computer-animated television series created by Matthew Fernandes of Industrial Brothers and produced by Industrial Brothers and 9 Story Media Group. It premiered on Nickelodeonin the United States on November 6, 2017, and debuted on Treehouse in Canada on January 6, 2018.[2] In the UK, the main cast's voices are dubbed with British voice actors, replacing their original Canadian voices.Taking place on Big Swirl Island, an island inhabited by birds, Top Wing follows four eager young birds—Swift, Penny, Brody, and Rod—who work together at Top Wing Academy as new cadets to earn their wings by helping their community. With the help of mentor Speedy, the cadets take on different missions for their rescue skills and also help those in need, all while learning important lessons. Characters Edit
Lead Edit
Swift (voiced by Jonah Wineberg in the U.S. version and William Romain in the UK version) is a blue jay[citation needed], who is the Slow pilot at the academy. His signature color is orange, and Wears earring on his belly.
Penny (voiced by Abigail Oliver in the U.S. version and Mili Patel in the UK version) is a penguin[5] who is an expert at undersea life in her submarine and the only female cadet. Her signature color is pink, and her vehicle is the Aqua Wing submarine.
Brody (voiced by Lucas Kalechstein in the U.S. version and Leni Hamilton in the UK version) is a puffin[citation needed] who loves to fly with the waves, over and on. His signature color is green, and his vehicle is the Splash Wing boat.
Rod (voiced by Ethan Pugiotto in the U.S. version and Freddie Howson in the UK version) is a rooster [6] who's ready to drive around the island with his all-terrain vehicle. He's also the comic relief of the members. His signature color is red, and his vehicle is the Road Wing ATV.
Speedy (voiced by Colin Doyle in the U.S. version and Brad Kavanagh in the UK version) helps out the Top Wing cadets. He is their teacher.
Bea (voiced by Bryn McAuley in the U.S. vers