an American children's television show that aired on Discovery Kids and TLC as part of the Ready Set Learn block,as well as most Retro Television Network affiliates, as an E/I-compliant program. Similar to Barney & Friends, Kidsongs, Sesame Street and Teletubbies on PBS, Hip Hop Harry is a live action program designed for children in the 3-9 year old age group. The program uses age appropriate hip hop music and dance to teach social, educational, physical and creative skills.In 2017, Harry has been featured in the YouTube series "Hip Hop Harry Toy Review."

The show takes place in a learning/play center house known as "Hip Hop Central", where Hip Hop Harry and his friends learn, play, and dance. In between, the kids learn about the main topic of the episode. After they have learned about the topic, they sing and rap the song "I Love to Learn". Then, the kids and Hip Hop discuss what they've learned via question/answers and watching highlights from the day's episode via a pushbutton monitor. Each episode concludes with the "Hip Hop Harry Dance Circle", where the kids circle up while one of them dances in the center as they chant, "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!". Even Harry dances in the circle too [thus, the kids chant, "Go, Harry!"]. But before they dance, they do a warmup dance called, "The Harry". After the kids come together to pose in the middle, the credits roll.