an online web series of computer-animated shorts produced by Arc Productions, Mattel and Resnick Interactive Group.[1] The series debuted in May 11, 2012 and is available on, Netflix and YouTube.[2] Two TV specials aired on Nickelodeon on September 1, 2013.[3] The series ended on November 27, 2015.[4] A reboot series titled Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures was set to be released on March 30, 2018The series is set in a fictional version of Malibu, California, United States where all of its inhabitants are dolls. The dolls behave like people, though a number of the show's gags rely on their doll-like nature. The series centers on the life of Barbie, her friends, siblings, her boyfriend, Ken and a number of pets. The series is stylized as a mock reality show featuring confessionals of the characters in between scenes. The show heavily relies on slapstick humor, and makes a lot of satirical and self-parody references to the Barbie doll line.