a 51 episode anime series by Studio Comet, directed by Shin Misawa and with music by Takanori Arisawa. It was broadcast by TV Tokyo from March 5, 2001 to February 25, 2002. In Indonesia, this anime Originally Broadcast by SCTV since year 2003-2004 and Global TV started in 2016.Almost as soon as she mastered talking as a young child, Meirin Kanzaki discovered her feng-shui powers and developed them to such a degree that she has developed an online help desk where she guides and counsels people under the pseudonym of »Dr. Rin« with such skill that she inadvertently leeches away significant commerce from her father Shou. As is usually the case with 7th grade girls, Meirin is not immune to developing infatuation for boys her age; in Meirin's case, the boy of choice is her childhood friend Asuka who has a difficult time placing occult phenomenon such as feng-shui in perspective. Unfortunately for Meirin, securing Asuka's acceptance is the least of her worries when she has visited upon her mysterious events and paranormal phenomenon of such complexity and treachery that she will need all the help and luck she can muster to save the day with her feng-shui divination and the hakke crystal bestowed unto her.
Characters Edit
Kanzaki Family Edit
Meirin Kanzaki (神崎 明鈴 Kanzaki Meirin)
Voiced by: Saeko Chiba[1]
As the main character, Meirin Kanzaki is a teenage girl with the power of feng-shui divination whose potency and accuracy have been argued to exceed that of her father Shou who has his own feng-shui divination service. Unfortunately for Meirin and the other members of Kanzaki-ke, Meirin's »Dr. Rin« online feng-shui divination help desk has caused many an awkward and disconcerting moment at home because the mere mention of Dr. Rin upsets Shou due to the fact that its heavy commerce is much of Shou's clientele base; as such, Meirin has to watch what she says around Shou so that her secondary identity stays a secret. A bit ditzy by nature, Meirin is nevertheless pure-hearted