an anime series directed by Shingo Kaneko. It was broadcast every second week from April 6, 1998 until January 28, 1999.Takashi loves reading books and especially loves Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One day, he buys some used books, and he finds one book thrown in. When Takashi opens the book, the God of Math, M-1 appeared. Takashi is told that Alice is kidnapped, and he is asked to rescue her by M-1. Takashi goes on an adventure in Wonderland to rescue Alice.Takashi Sagano (嵯峨野タカシ Sagano Takashi)
Voiced by: Motoko Kumai
Takashi is a junior high school student and a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. He is asked to rescue Alice by M-1 and goes on an adventure to do this. His ability is average, but his brave heart is great.
Hiromi Sugita (杉田ひろみ Sugita Hiromi)
Voiced by: Ayako Shiraishi
Hiromi is a neighbor and classmate of Takashi. She heard that Takashi is going on an adventure and decides to follow him. She is rowdy. But she is worried about Takashi, because he often does dangerous things.
Toshio Kazumi (和美トシオ Kazumi Toshio)
Voiced by: Kyousei Tsukui
Toshio is a friend of Takashi. He loves girls. To start the adventure, an adventurer must solve a problem in Math, so Takashi asks to help him. But his ability is worse than Takashi's and he is of no use. He follows Takashi too.
Yukari Ashikawa (芦川ゆかり Ashikawa Yukari)
Voiced by: Haruna Ikezawa
Yukari is brought along by Toshio. Her behavior is very good, but when she is excited, she uses rough language. She is very clever and solves almost all questions. She follows Takashi too.
Voiced by: Junpei Takiguchi
The God of Math, Fredrich. He asks Takashi to rescue Alice. During Takashi's adventure, he helps them with magic 3 times per world. But sometimes the magic fails.
Namekuji-neko (なめくじネコ)
Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura
Namekuji-neko is a mysterious creature. Its figure seems like a cat, but its body looks like a slug, and it always floats. It follows Takashi as a guide of Wonderland. But it does not know essential