a CGI anime television series produced by Xebec based on Sony's Ape Escape video game franchise. The series aired on TV Tokyo between April 8, 2006 and September 29, 2007 and loosely adapts storylines from Million Monkeys, Ape Escape 3 and SaruSaru Big Mission.When Specter gets hold of a Pipo Helmet, he becomes intelligent and starts using monkeys to spread chaos around the world. Using their teleporter and gadgets, Kakeru, Hiroki, Natsumi and the Professor work to capture the monkeys and stop Specter's plans, later joined by virtual girl Charu and mech genius Haruka. It is revealed that Specter's true identity is Natsumi's pet monkey, Kuuta, who was transformed into Specter by a group called the Pipotrons. They host a game in virtual space, challenging Kakeru and his friends for Specter's freedom, but Specter escapes before they get there. The Pipotrons then challenge Kakeru and co to a tournament. Specter eventually learned about the kind things humans have done for monkeys, protects Kakeru and returns to being Kuuta.It got high quality