or Chappy the Witch (魔法使いチャッピー) is an anime series that debuted in TV Asahi (then known as NET, or Nihon Educational Television) in 1972. It is the fifth magical girl anime in history (the sixth if one counts Osamu Tezuka's Marvelous Melmo), and the fifth produced by the Toei Animation studio.[1] While the show was fairly popular, it was not as popular as Toei's earlier magical-girl series, and is relatively obscure compared to its predecessors.In addition to its success in Japan, Chappy has been dubbed into Italian, French, and Spanish and broadcast on TV in Italy and in various Latin American nations such as Mexico, Peru, or Chile. The French dub, made in the early 1990s by AB Productions, was never aired (although all 39 episodes were dubbed), possibly due to lukewarm reception for earlier majokko series of the same vintage (such as Mahou no Mako-chan and Majokko Megu-chan) on French television.

A manga adaptation of the story was drawn by Hideo Azuma, who later created his own magical girl series, Nanako SOS, in 1983.

Chappy, along with other Toei magical girls such as Akko-chan, Sally, Cutie Honey, Megu-chan, Lunlun, and Lalabel, is a playable character in the 1999 Sony PlayStation game Majokko Daisakusen: Little Witching Mischiefs.

The series was released on DVD in Japan in a box set in December 2005.