Potato Head Kids was a series consisting of very few poorly made episodes. In fact each episode has several HIGHLY noticable animation or voicing mistakes. They're so bad the thy look intentional. There is basically no continuous plot, just the gang having fun and trying to avoid the cliche' gang of bullies. The funny part is that the potato head kids gang are the only potato heads, everyone else is human (except for the original Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head who are their parent/guardian things). So no one is really sure as to how they came to be and why (but what are you gonna do it was a low budget generic cartoon). This information was not looked up, sadly enough I own a potato head kids VHS. ---- new author---
i stole it from him. there were three VHS made of the series, and no movies. however it was paired up with two other shows for witch it shared it's 15 minute block of time. they were GLO Friends and Moondreamers. sadly enough, i own a VHS of GLO Friends: the Quest, a full-length movie of glo friends made in 1986, a year after the show was cancelled.