Wall Street Week (WSW) (styled Wall $treet Week [W$W]) was an investment news and information TV program that was broadcast weekly each Friday on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States. It had a host (or hosts) and guest experts participating in discussions on the stock market and focused on forecasts. The show debuted on the entire PBS network on January 7, 1972. The show's long time host was Louis Rukeyser

Every show had the same format. First Rukeyser would give a brief re-cap of the week's financial news and then a summary of market performance. Afterwards a group of financial analysts gave their opinions on the market along with stock recommendations. Rukeyser would answer viewer mail, and then the last segment was an interview with a guest financial expert.

At its peak Wall Street Week was carried on all PBS stations and seen by over 4 million viewers weekly. Even stock traders noticed "The Rukeyser Effect", the tendency for stocks to jump on the Monday following the show.

Rukeyser left the show in 2002 and the show was retooled as produced in collaboration with PBS and Fortune Magazine, but the new format was unpopular and cancelled in 2005. In 2016 the show was officially revived by the newly formed company SkyBridge Capital. It airs online as well as on Fox Business Channel.