A British children's TV show based on the series of books by Enid Blyton. It follows the adventures of Noddy a little wooden doll who lives in Toyland with his red and yellow taxi often trying to make sixpence or getting himself in trouble. His best friends Big Ears, Mr Plod and Tessie Bear are always ready to lend a hand, especially when he gets tricked by Gobbo and Sly the wicked Goblins. Whatever the situation the episode mostly ends with Noddy laughing and nodding his head which makes the bell on his hat ring.

Noddy came to U.S for the first time in 1998 as "Noddy" with the show expanded to include a live-action element. This version was frequently nicknamed "The Noddy Shop" after the premise of the live-action segments. This version of the show later came to the UK in 2001 as "Noddy in Toyland".