Based off a comic book written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia, Teletoon soon created this comic book series into a short cartoon series consisting of thirteen episodes. Cybersix herself is an android apart of the Cyber's series, 500 in total were built, they were artificial humanoids possessing agility and superhuman strength, suppose to be perfect servants, but all mimicked human emotions too closely, starting to disobey their creators orders, thus all were killed. Only Cybersix herself escaped, within the confines of the cartoon it is never explained how she survived or escaped. (Check wikipeida about the whole storyline via the original comics.)

But somehow she is able to attain the guise of Adrian Seidelman, living on a false name and life before moving to the city of Meridiana, taking a teaching job and meeting her love interest Lucas Amato, who also teaches at the same high school as a biology teacher.

Mainly in the cartoon Cybersix faces monsters sent by her creator Von Reichter, as well as his cloned son Jose. She mainly fights off Fixed Idea's, Type's, Techon's and any other monster Von Reichter can whip up. Fighting along side her is her brother, Data 7 (His brain was transfered into a panthers body before the Cybers were wiped out, having died in a childhood accident.) Lucas, and other minor characters.

Sadly this series was never fully explored past thirteen episodes, the second season supposedly called off thanks to a falling out between its two companies as well as low funding.