InterSound Inc. was a parent company which ran loads of different dubbing companies which dub both European Dessin ANIME and Asian ANIME for the English, American and Mexican markets.

The main companies they ran dubs with were Harmony Gold, ZIV, and BRB. Disney was a fake as that was really a Harmony Gold film on 3rd party label.

The known video companies and TV deals they ran were:

ABC Networks Exclusive US TV Films Deal "cocatalog index films", Harmony Gold Video/InterVision/Alpha Video/Palace/Palace Family Video/Master Vision/Kids Cartoon Collection/Boots Cartoon Collection/Marks and Spensor/St.Michael "Snowman reissue"/WHSmith Exclusive Video "Snowman Palace Video reissue again"/Parkfield Publishing/Parkfield Playtime

Anything other than on them are considered 3rd party releases as those brands are mostly Vestron and Disney owned ones and not true InterSound/InterVision although the content is still made by them if it's by one of their dubbing companies.

Some live actions were made by them for them but most of their own ones were animation and a majority of titles live action were 3rd party to help get them to sell videos on thier labels like Rocky which isn't InterVision made as it doesn't state re-recorded at InterSound inc in the end credits but it was distributed on there which is what a 3rd party release is.

Most of the topic is for their own films rather than 3rd party but I guess if you have covers of them I don't mind because it's now open to all of the label rather than only Harmony Gold and ZIV their animation alias names now to get more interest in the topic.