A popular game show on Nickelodeon where kids on several teams would comptete against each other to find an anicient artifact. The game begins with six teams, the Red jaguars, Blue barracudas, Green monkeys, Orange iguanas, Purple parrots, and Silver snakes. In the first round the six teams would have to get across a pool known as "the moat" somehow and ring a gong narrowing down to four teams. In "The Steps of Knowledge", Olmec tells a story about the episode's legend and the teams must answer questions about it narrowing down to two teams. In The Temple Games, the two remaining teams compete in physical challenges to earn Pendants of Life for protection from the Temple Guards in the temple. The winning team participates in the Temple Run, where they must move through rooms in the Temple solving puzzles to find the treasure and avoid the Temple Guards to which they must surrender a Pendant of Life or be removed from the Temple. Dee Bradley Baker voiced Olmec the talking stone statue. And the series was hosted by Kirk Fogg