Dateline NBC is a news magazine on NBC which first showed in 1992. The program has always had a focus on crime related stories. Dateline is historically notable for its longevity on the network. The show debuted on March 31, 1992, initially airing only on Tuesdays, with Stone Phillips and Jane Pauley as co-anchors. Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric joined the program when Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric was converted to Dateline Wednesday. Gradually, the program expanded with a third night (Monday) in 1994 and a fourth night (Friday) in 1997 until it aired for five nights a week (eventually adding a Sunday edition) in mid-1999 and 2000. The program started to lose its luster as reality television shows became more popular, with nights being eliminated beginning in spring 2001, and the historic Tuesday night slot eliminated in 2003