Kids Incorporated (also known as Kids Inc.) was a children's television program that premiered in 1984 in syndication (On NBC from 1984-85) and on The Disney Channel 1986-96). Winner of various Young Artist Awards during its nine year run, it is remembered fondly by adults who were in their teens in the 1980s. The show's production companies included Hal Roach Studios (aka Qintex) and MGM (aka MGM-Pathe), both of whom had produced the popular Our Gang (Little Rascals) short films of the 1930s. This TV show launched the career of Thomas W. Lynch, who would go on to produce "The Secret Life of Alex Mack" and "Romeo!" among others.

The show consisted of a group of young teens (that occasionally shifted every few years as members grew too old to be "Kids" and were replaced) who performed cleaned up versions of pop music standards of the era, with most of the Kids noticeably pretending to play their own instruments (they did sing, though). Along the way, lessons were learned through the conflicts of the kids (e.g. the value of honesty, or why not to cheat on a test.)

Some very notable people that were on Kids Incorporated was Fergie from Black Eyed Peas also known as Stacy Ferguson, Eric Balfour (Six Feet Under; Sex, Lies, and Secrets; Hawaii; Conviction), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer; Party of Five; I Know What You Did Last Summer; Heartbreakers) and many more.