What do you get when you cross video game news and sketch comedy? You get X-Play, the biggest and most popular gaming show on TV! The show began as Gamespot TV in 1998 on the ZDTV Network and featured a set format for each episode. Each episode would start off with Game News, where Adam Sessler or Lauren Fielder would give a brief overview of top news stories featured on the GameSpot website. Game reviews were run in a segment known as The Grill (games were graded on GameSpot's official 0.1-10.0 system), Spotlight showcased special content such as interviews with industry leaders, and Game Breakers featured strategy guides and hints for recently released games. The show was renamed Extended Play in 2001 where Sessler hosted with Kate Botello. When the show became X-Play in 2003 Sessler was joined by well-known co-host Morgan Webb. Along with gaming news and reviews, the series was well-known for comedy sketches it's humorous countdown episodes, and it's 5-point game rating scale and hatred of certain games and franchises by the hosts. X-Play was cancelled in 2012 as the G4 Network underwent a re-brand and the final episode aired in January 2013.