The plot follows protagonists Jayce, Flora, Herc Stormsailor, Oon, and Gillian, in search of Jayce's father Audric, and opposing antagonist Saw Boss and his followers, the Monster Minds.

The story's premise states that Audric was a botanist who did several experiments with biotechnology, one of which became Flora. In one certain expiriment, Audric attempted to create a plant that could prevent starvation. But when he succeeded, a nearby star exploded into a supernova. The radiation from the savage explosion changed this special plant and four other particular plants into the Monster Minds: a race of plant-like extraterrestrials who wished to conquer the Universe.

Audric creates a root that could destroy the Monster Minds, but was forced to flee before he could complete the task, after which the Monster Minds made Audric's laboratory their headquarters (which can teleport to other places by means of a mysterious power source known as "the Power of the Black Light"). Audric kept half of the root himself and gave the other half to his servant, the Eternal Squire Oon, whom he sent to serve Jayce.

Jayce and his friends are thereafter on a quest to find Audric and form the complete root.