A direct-to-video movie featuring three Christmas tales told from the point-of-view of Disney characters. In "Stuck On Christmas", Huey, Dewey, and Louie wake up on Christmas morning and, after a rushed present opening, an afternoon sledding, an evening with a nice dinner, and a night spent caroling, the boys wish for it to be Christmas every day, and their wish is granted! After a few days, the boys get sick of Christmas and try to mix things up before realizing having the right kind of Christmas is the way out. In "A Very Goofy Christmas", Goofy and Max are mailing letters to Santa before Pete tells them he does not exist. Not wanting a dampened spirit, Goofy sets out to prove Santa is real. In "Mickey and Minnie's The Gift of the Magi", Mickey wants to buy Minnie a case for her watch while Minnie searches for something to get him. After Mickey's boss Pete takes away his pay, Mickey is left with just his harmonica to sell, one which Minnie has had her eyes on buying something for. The last story is based on O'Henry's classic story.