1889...the Paris International Exposition. A great gathering of culture, science, and technology. Yet, in the middle of an air of joyous people and great expectations for the 20th century is tension in the seas with word of a sea monster on the prowl, crisis among the major powers over territories...and a circus girl with a jewel someone really wants.

Jean is in Paris, helping his uncle on their entry for the International Flying Machine Contest. He decides to take a break when he sees a pretty girl pass by on a bicycle, little realizing just what he is about to get himself into.

Jean and the girl (Nadia) suddenly find themselves being chased by jewel thieves and thrown into the middle of the giant international mess, and it all stems on Nadia's precious jewel, Blue Water. The adventure is fast-paced and the hilarity almost non-stop. This take on Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" will be entertaining for almost everyone.