Rev Eric Camden and his wife, Annie have 5 kids: Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie. However, in the 5th season they had twins Sam and David. This show shows how the family works together to get through the different things kids will encounter as they grow up.

even though it was thought
This show has been going strong for 10 years, and this was sadly the last seaon!! :(

they were wrong... they decided to add another season!! it is going on its 11th and there will be atleast 13 episodes they are not sure from there... but that what every one knows for a fact

matt married a girl named Sara and she is pregnant with twin girls and she and matt are in the same medical college.

Mary married a Carlos and she had a boy with him and she is expecting twin boys.

Lucy married a cop named Kevin and she gave birth to a girl named Savanah and she is expecting twin girls. also lucy went to college and she is a youth leader at her dads church to encurage to wait till marriage.

simon is engaged to Rose who is still in love with her ex boyfriend and he is in college.

Ruthie is the most responsibe of the seven and she listens to her parents and she is in the same room as Lucy, Mary, and her shared and she gets it to herself. she is in high school and she is the main responsible of the bunch.

Sam and David the youngest of the camdens are in elementry school and they are the little of the bunch and they are the ones who dont look alike and they listen the second of the most.

Annie is looking good she is still the reponsibe parent. also she got a new haircut and she got her hkair straightened.

Eric is looking good about 2 years ago he had Gastric Heart Surgery and he is doing better now. he is still a preacher of the church.