EMERGENCY! +4 was built around a fictional exploits of the Paramedical Rescue Service on the Los Angeles County Fire Department. In this animated spin-off from the prime time siren-drama EMERGENCY! (NBC, 1972-1977), Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth voiced their self-likenesses as Squad 51 paramedics. The plus four were Carol and Matt, a sister and brother, and the boys Jason and Randy, a group of youngsters trained in life-saving techniques. Together with their pets, the dog Flash, Myna bird Charlemayne, and Bananas the monkey, They were always ready to assist the firemen...

Although the series was criticized because the episodes frequently depicted the children as participants in some deadly peril, the heroic rescue theme was enhanced by several educational features. Instructional safety tips with do's-and-don'ts were interwoven into the stories, along with practical demonstrations of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and simple medical first aid.

Fire departments throughout the country requested prints of the episodes to show at fire prevention and safety seminars for children.

Tighe and Mantooth became children's favorites on the night-time series "EMERGENCY!". More children watched the evening program than the cartoon show and made "EMERGENCY!" the only program to compete successfully against the Saturday blockbuster hit, "All in the Family" (CBS).

like the transformation of "The Brady Kids", Tighe and Mantooth were the first adults caricatured for an animated series, coincidentally, while their program was a hit in prime time. In the nighttime preview of the network's 1973-1974 children's line-up, the pair hosted "NBC Starship Rescue" (sept. 7, 1973) featuring excerpts of the show along with other Saturday morning programs.

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