CLYDE (Computer Linked Yield Driven Entity) was an alien computer banished from another planet when he developed a virus called a sense of humour. Finding his way to earth, he was discovered by siblings Matt (age 12) and Samantha (age 10) who hooked him up to an old juke box. The juke box came to life...a joking, fun loving, extrovert in a world not quite ready for him. Clyde and the kids work out of Alberto's Diner, in the heartland of North America. Clyde would always send the kids into computer systems...who often faced off against the bugs...and helped solve everything from nuclear disasters to why the competing diners were selling more hamburgers. With Clyde's Brains and some the ingenuity on the part of Matt and Sam, they always averted the danger in the nick of time.....even when it was Clyde who caused it!