Abe & Bo (Stuart Fratkin & Dean Cameron) are two teenage aliens from the planet Crouton ("the most boring planet in the universe") on the sci-fi adventure They Came From Outer Space.

Before the two college bound spaceniks get to their destination (Cambridge University), Abe & Bo crash land in a California junkyard. Revising their plans, they turn a bunch of junked autos (via psychokinetic powers) into a red '57 Corvette and take off to see the sights of America including its beautiful women. Unfortunately, while Abe & Bo travel the USA they are pursued by two air force officers bent on capturing them

In the meantime, Abe & Bo get employment at odd jobs to support themselves and use their alien abilities to communicate with each other via telepathy, feel each others pain through an empathetic connection and merge with inanimate objects (for a minute at a time) when the situation calls for it.