In the distant future, a planet called New Texas hangs somewhere in the vast unknowns of space. On this planet many mining concerns took place, ore and other precious metals. Of course, any show of valuables in these times means outlaws and bandits will soon come, and come they did, stealing, harassing and otherwise bothering the miners. Well, from far away came one as close to a Native American as New Texas gets; Marshal BraveStarr, with strange and wonderous powers: Eyes of the Hawk, Ears of the Wolf, Strength of the Bear, Speed of the Puma! He uses these as well as his magical horse to defend the good people of New Texas from Tex hex the evil criminal and his band of thugs under the control of Stampede the demon.
! The marshalls horse transforms to become human like and wield a large gun, which it is fond of and calls it "my mary jane"
Marshall Bravestarr's horse's name is 30/30.

A big screen movie "bravestarr the movie" was released in 1987.

The film had better animation then the series.

It never got released on vhs in america, but got a uk video release.

The film was later retitled :bravestarr: the legend"