Silver Fang is the tale of a young bearhunting-dog who lives in the wilderness of northern Japan. He was born silver striped and therefor destinated to become a bearhunting-dog and to protect the citizens from hostile bears.
Silver father; Riki, who is the strongest bearhunting-dog in the area, gets killed by the most dangerous bear of them all; Akakabuto, a bear with a gun-shot inflicted wound wich has driven him insane. Silver witnesses his father losing the battle with Akakabuto that ends with Riki being thrown off a cliff, and Silver decides that he will defeat Akakabuto and avenge his father. Silver is trained hard by the village hunter; Gohei Takeda who was the one that once trained Riki. One night Silver meets a pack of wild dogs, and he learns that they have been gathered by a mysterious dog known as the leader. Their goal is to take down Akakabuto. Silver leaves his best friend and former master, the boy Daisuke to follow the army of dogs in their search across Japan for strong dogs willing to fight Akakabuto. Meanwhile Akakabuto is gathering his own army, and the inevitable final battle draws near.

Editors notes: This anime has never been dubbed to English, but is very popular in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Norway) and it is avaible both subbed & dubbed in any of the native languages of those countries.

*edited by Deidara*