The Itchy and Scratchy Show is about, The Cat is Scratchy and the Mouse is Itchy They have fights alot of the time. The Itchy and Scratchy show always airs on THE SIMPSONS, and is not a current show at the moment by creator, MATT GROENING...

Season One: Itchy and Scratchy
This is where Scratchy first meets itchy and Debew, "THAT HAPPY CAT" Which was the first itchy and Scratchy episode aird followed by "STEAMBOAT ITCHY" Where Itchy teamed up with Scratchy followed by the first appearence in colour together "THE HITLER STORY".

Season Two & Three: The Last We See
Thius is the final season of The Itchy and Scratchy Show, 0:10 Seconds of this show. more seasons will come out at a later date...

Season 4: Unknowen
Unknowen Summery

Season 5: Unknowen
Unknowen Summery

Season 6: Unknowen
Unknowen Summery