Adam is the mild-mannered Prince of Eternia. Unbeknownst to many around him, when he holds aloft his magic sword and speaks the magic words, he and his pet Cringer are transformed into Battlecat and He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! He leads a fearless group, sworn to protect the realm and secrets of Castle Greyskull. Along with Man-at-Arms, Teela, and the Sorceress, he defends against the evil onslaught of Skeletor and his army. While Skeletor’s magic sword was formed of the same mold as He-Man’s, it is the pure heart of the wielder which makes him the more powerful, something evildoers learned every weekday for three years! The show also spun off into a cartoon called She-Ra: Princess of Power, intended to draw little girls into the realm of Eternia, but didn’t do quite so well for obvious reasons.

Other heroes included Orko, Stratos, Mekaneck, Ram Man, Fisto, and Zodiak
Other Villains included Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Mer Man, Evil Lynn, and Hordak

He-Man actually had his beginnings in Hollywood. What was originally to be a Conan The Barbarian cartoon & toy line after the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger film was eventually deemed to be too violent and sexual for children back in the day, so it was re-packaged as He-Man in 1983.