Long ago, oceans away on a mystical island, lived two families, divided by an ordeal that had taken place many years before. Queen Maeve, the evil amazonian ruler of Temra, believed that it was her birthright to rule the entire island, and would stop at nothing to get her way. Vowing never to give in to her wish Maeve forms an alliance with a dark fairy Mider and gains the powers of sorcery, conjuring up forces of giants, ogres and mystical beasts to help her battle the Knights Of Kells. Despite being a warrior King, Conchobar knows his kingdom is in grave danger, and will give up his crown if it means saving his own people. But there is still one hope... A brave young warrior, Rohan, has found a piece of the ancient scroll that speaks of the warrior Draganta who will bring peace to the land for a "hundred lifetimes". A birthmark on his arm matches that on the scroll, proving him to be the kingdom's destiny. Teaming up with his friend Angus, the pair set off to find Draganta, following the druid Cathbad's instructions to go to the land of the little people, "Tir Na Nog". Here, joined by Ivar, a distant prince, and Deirdre, the King's own daughter who has run away to join them, the four brave warriors find themselves pitted against a series of tough tests and trials. With each test completed, the warriors will receive another part of the torn scroll. They must endure these trials until they can fully piece together the scroll, and finally put a stop to Maeve's relentless attacks. With special powers given to them by the King Of Tir Na Nog, Rohan and the others must continue their quest for the armour, Dragon and Draganta - in order to meet Maeve's next attack. They must become the Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog....

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