Orphen is former student of the prestigious magic school known as the Tower of Fang. Orphen has left the order to save his friend Azalie has been turned into a monstrous dragon known as the the Bloody August. The Tower of Fang is determined to destroy the dragon at all cost however Orphen refuse to let that happen to protect his friend. He is joined by his apprentice Majic Lin and the feisty Cleao Everlasting. However members of the Tower of Fang, incompetent duo of trolls Volkan and Dorti, and other forces plan on stopping our heroes from completing their mission.

Season two begins with our Orphen, Magic and Cleao are join by a young girl named Licorice and encounter a new threat to the world.

Based on the manga and light novels by Dragon Magazine.

The series was brought over to the United States by ADV Films but now the series are available through Sentai Filmworks.