Puddle Lane (or Tales from Puddle Lane) was a 1980s British pre-school children's television programme written by Rick Vanes with animated stories written by Sheila McCullagh, author of Tim and the Hidden People. A long series of books based on said stories was produced by Ladybird Books, also under the title Puddle Lane. For a pre-school series, "puddle Lane" attracted a large cult audience of adults and teenagers, and has been described as "a lunchtime favourite of students and truants alike".

The programme was made by Yorkshire Television in Leeds for ITV and ran on from 1985 to 1989. The main characters were the Magician (played by Neil Innes, who also composed music for the program), and a Spell Dragon named Toby (voiced by Richard Robinson); the Magician told Toby stories by moving his finger around in a puddle, or a cauldron, or the water barrel outside (both the cauldron and the water barrel could talk) and producing images. The stories he told were presented as animations, narrated by Kate Lee (who also played a minor character, Aunt Flo). The Magician lived in a large house at the end of Puddle Lane, hence the name of the programme.