Allsorts (also named Gigglish Allsorts) was a Childrens television show that was broadcasted from 1991 to 1994 on CITV, made by Granada Television. It consitied of five main characters, who live in a brightly decorated house with everything in a different colour. It had a worktop, a main sofa and coffee table within a large living room which was dominated by a spiral staircase, it also included a garden which was really the same. It was highly remembered for its quirky humour, appropiate songs and entertaining storylines that the characters would have to discover, solve or enjoy. Its main educational aim was for pre-school children but anybody could sit and be entertained by this long-gone fun programme.

The main four characters were:

Jiffy= He was the silliest of the five, always getting things wrong. Played By Wayne Jackman (later a prolific writer for children's TV).

JJ= She was the cleverest one of the group, mainly always in charge. Played By Jane Cox (who now plays Lisa Dingle in Emmerdale. )

Bonzo= He was the smartest one of the group, bit silly and dosy. Played By Andrew Wightman (who went on to produce Stars In Their Eyes, also for Granada).

Box= Introduced into the later series, Box was in fact a box. Very bossy, hilarious random outburts. Voiced By Julie Westwood.

Series Information
As far as my copies tell me. Series One aired in 1991 as "Allsorts" which followed closely by Series Two. As viewing was low, it changed its format, set design and inital stories and plots and became "Gigglish Allsorts" within 1993. Here is where the ratings flew and it became a reaccuring programme within CITV's lineup.

Opening Credits
The opening credits for Series One, were fully cartoon. It was a cartoon toy, that turned into a jug of water, then a train, then a house which flew into a kite saying "Allsorts". The music was just a random bunch of musical instruments.

Series Two had the cartoon pictures of Series One is 3 squared boxes at the right hand side of the screen, on the left was the opening of the show. The background music was sung by the stars corrospondently with different verses throughout the following song:

Hey its an allsorts day, anything can happen

Its an Allsorts day


Series Three to Five was the probably most rememable. It started close up on a box that had numerous of squares that lit up as a unknown voice started singing as "1", "2", "3" came up we panned back. As we did, we saw a box that opened with loads of junk, such as toy aeroplanes, cars, teddys etc. Then the JJ, Jiffy, Box and Bonzo came in shapes pulling a face. The song in the background of this was:

Hey! Are You ready - steady - one - two - three

Gigglish Allsorts - whats happening today?

Gigglish Allsorts - there coming out to play