Released October 25, 1978, only six days until Halloween, John Carpenter's independent horror-slasher film has become a classic in and of itself.

On Halloween night, 1963, young Michael Myers murdered his sister Judith with a kitchen knife. After fifteen years of incarceration in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, donning a blue jumpsuit and an ominous white William Shatner mask.

Michael begins stalking innocent teenager and babysitter Laurie Strode while psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis and police sheriff Leigh Brackett go searching for him. Soon enough, in an effort to get to Laurie, Michael begins killing off her friends one by one.

It's up to Laurie to survive the slow, silent slaughter that Michael Myers, "the boogeyman", brings forth on the night he came home.