An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn (1997)

First, a little background: in 1955, the Director's Guild of America created the pseudonym Alan Smithee, which film directors are allowed to use if they feel their work has been tampered with to such a degree that they no longer want the credit (for example, if you look at the credits of the expanded and heavily narrated TV version of Dune, you'll notice the director is not listed as David Lynch, but as Alan Smithee).

The film itself is the story of Hollywood Director Alan Smithee. He has just finished directing and producing the big-budget film "Trio" but after he sees the recut version and wants to disown it, Hollywood does not let him because they use the name "Alan Smithee" when a director does not want their name attached to a film. This leads him to steal the film and go on a nationwide rampage to destroy it.