Millionaire Fredrick Loren (and his 4th wife) invites five random guests for a Haunted House party at the notorious "House on Haunted Hill". The guest include: pilot Lance Schroeder, journalist Ruth Bridges, Watson Prichard (the owner of The House), Nora Manning, an employee for Fredrick Loren, and psychiatrist David Trent. He offers $10,000 to each person who manages to stay and survive the night however as the guest find out the house lives up to it's murderous and haunted past as weird things start to occur but is it cause the Fredrick Loren or the house?
Directed by gimmick master William Castle.

The film was made in "Emergo", basically during certain moments in the film a fake skeleton would be sent down a string or wire to attempt to scare the audience.

The film has now become public domain but still remains a cult classic. In 2005 the film was finally colorized by Legend Films and was also given a commentary track by Mystery Science Theater 3000 star Michael J. Nelson. The commentary can also be downloaded in the MP3 format through Rifftrax website as well and can be played along with any version of the film.