The second installment of the made for TV trilogy focuses on obstertician Julie Farr and her expectant patients as the effects of parenthood brings them out in different ways. Among them, are Trish, who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy and thinks that she looks and feels unloved by her busy husband, Aaron; Paula who is trying to get pregnant, but is trying to cope with constant frustration (and sometimes embarrassment) from husband, Lou; and after years of trying to conceive and adopting their son, Sally and Arthur are having a baby...which doesn't sit too well the already troubled boy. Meanwhile, Dr. Farr is having problems of her own with her 15-year-old niece wanting to enter into a serious relationship with her boyfriend as well as her own relationship and trying to choose between her career and her beau. Directed by Richard Michaels.

Cast of Characters

Tony Bill....Aaron Canfield
Cliff Gorman....Arthur Magee
Carol Lynley....Sally Magee
Lee Meriwether....Martha Cooper
Paula Prentiss....Trish Canfield
Nicholas Pryor....Jeff Kramer
Wayne Rogers....Lou Plotkin
Susan Sullivan....Dr. Julie Farr
Cassie Yates....Paula Plotkin
Tracy Marshak....Jenny Cooper
Robbie Rist....Danny Magee
Michael LeClair....Chris Williams