Labor is the hardest thing a woman can endure in her life; and for four expectant mothers they hope to get through with the help of their spouses as they experience the Lamaze method of natural childbirth. First, we meet Sally who is expecting her first and wants her husband, George to support her despite having been through fatherhood three times before and feeling faint about being in the delivery room. Next, there's single mother, Grace who is faced with raising her baby on her own (despite her mother's objections) and gets offered help by her equally lonely next-door neighbor. And then, there's Laura who plan to deliver at home to save on hospital bills when their money is tight and her carpenter-husband Frank is too prideful take on any other kind of work and asking Laura's father for a loan. Last, but not least is Beth who decided to forgo her career as a professional tennis player, to be a wife and a mother, but wants to return to the game even though her new husband Mickey feels that she can't have it all. Under the teachings of nurse Allie Duggin, we meet the parents-to-be as they go through the joys and sorrows of impending parenthood in the first of three made for television movies that made history back in the 1970's. Directed by Robert Day.

Cast of Characters

Desi Arnaz, Jr.....Frank Gorman
Adrienne Barbeau....Allie Duggin
Ronny Cox....George McNamara
Harry Guardino....Ralph Bancini
Tom Kennedy....Hal Bergstrom
Vicki Lawrence....Grace Fontreil
Richard Masur....Max Duggin
Greg Mullavey....Mickey Paterno
Linda Purl....Laura Gorman
Jan Sterling....Mrs. Fontreil
Karen Valentine....Beth Paterno
Abe Vigoda....Al Schneider
Jessica Walter....Sally McNamara