The children of Mars have grown obsessed with Earth television especially with the news channels coverage of Santa Claus. Kimar (leader of the Martins) consults the eldest Martins, Chochem, who claims that the children of Mars need to have fun and happiness again. This makes Kimar and the other leaders devise a plan to bring back Santa to Mars despite the opposed views of the war obsessed Voldar. The Martians get help from two Earth children, Betty and Billy Foster, to help find Santa Claus. After kidnapping from his workshop Santa, Voldar tries to get rid of Santa but can't outmatch Santa's wit, magic and Christmas spirit.

Directed by Nicholas Webster.

The film appeared on the popular show Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the DVD series Cinema Titanic (consisting of members from Mystery Science Theater 3000).

There were rumors for years that there would be a remake of the film with likes of David Zucker (Airplane!, The Naked Gun series) and writer Ben Edlund (creator of The Tick) behind it, however the project has remained in development hell.

The film is in the Public Domain,