They say that the birth of a baby is a blessing, but what if that baby's mother is still just a baby herself? Tina Spangler is just an average teenage girl in her final year of junior high. Aside from school, soccer practice, the church choir, and of course, boys, nothing is as it seems with the recent separation of her parents along with her steady boyfriend wanting to take a break from their "serious" realationship. Soon after her 15th birthday, Tina's life takes a shaky turn when she finds herself pregnant leaving her mother, Evie in shock and her father, Cal vowing to stand by any decision. Now she is faced with the options of abortion, adoption, or teenage motherhood, but when the news reaches her boyfriend, Ray, he tells Tina that he is happy about the baby and dreams of the three of them being a family...much to Tina's Joy. However, reality soaks in as the pregnancy progesses and she finds herself alone as her friends want nothing to do with Tina or her baby, her younger siblings turning against her, and Ray eventually dumping Tina for another girl. Forced to deal, Tina turns to her mother who manages to forgive her as well as her best friend, Laurie, who is also a teenage mom. But can the rest of the Spangler family put aside their many problems and stand by Tina when she needs them the most? Based on a true story. Directed by Sam Pillsbury.

Cast of Characters

Park Overall....Evie Spangler
Kirsten Dunst....Tina Spangler
David Andrews....Cal Spangler
Margot Demeter....Laurie Walsh
Karen Trumbo....Joan Walsh
Julia Whelan....Rachel Spangler
Zach Sherman....Adam Spangler
Daniel Kountz....Ray Wood
Marlyn Mason....Grandma Spangler
Katee Sackoff....Karen Gotarus
Tyler Gannon....Melody
Skylar & Karina Thiel-Klare....Allison Wales