Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...and that's just what happened to fat and frumpy Ruth Patchett. A devoted housewife and mother she tries to please her husband, Bob, an accountant who is trying to climb the social ladder a little bit higher. Her only means of escape is through the romance novels of Mary Fisher; a woman who seems to have a charmed life: a palace overlooking the ocean, a very satisfying career, and sheer beauty to make many women jealous. When Bob takes on Mary as a client, they fall into an affair. Ruth tries to win him over with a wonderful family dinner, but things don't go as planned and Bob packs his bags and leaves her for Mary. Soon after Ruth snaps and sets out to destroy the four basic assets he's worked very hard for: his home, his family, his career, and the freedom to enjoy the fruits of his labor. After reducing the house to ashes, Ruth leaves the children with their father and his mistress and puts the wheels of revenge in motion. Why is Ruth doing this? Because, she's a She-Devil! Based on the novel "The Life and Loves of a She-Devil". Directed by Susan Seidelman.